Social Media Influencers in India, Their Type and Functionalities You Should Know

Social Media Influencers in India, Their Type and Functionalities You Should Know

Before now, companies looked at the size of an influencer’s following to determine if they wanted to work with them; now, the emphasis is on their dependability and influence over the brand’s target demographic. People now follow influencers based on their dependability two times more than their prominence. People who can connect to an influencer tend to follow them. It’s critical to understand the sorts of top influencers in India you may work with if you want to cooperate with them to promote your business or product. Momspresso Mymoney, an influencer platform for influencers in India, will assist you in choosing the best influencers to develop and carry out better campaigns and enable you to get the most out of your influencer marketing investment.

Vloggers, Mainstream Celebrities, And Bloggers

Bloggers often produce information on a dedicated blog. Today, India is home to a large number of well-known bloggers who have devoted and active followings. They usually advertise their material on the many social media channels where they are quite active.

Vloggers provide video material in a similar way to bloggers. To distribute their material, they use several sites, including Vimeo and YouTube.

The most well-known influencers in India are bloggers and vloggers, so working with them is a beautiful approach to refreshing your content strategy. Additionally, it helps any firm increase brand recognition and generates leads.

Without adding well-known celebrities, the list of different influencer types in India would be incomplete. They might be celebrities from the film industry, models, singers, athletes, sportspeople, or other well-known social personalities in the mass media.

These famous people are chosen to represent these businesses as brand ambassadors and serve as their faces. This group of influencers’ followers often fall outside of any certain specialisation and are more general. With these social media influencers, it might be challenging to concentrate on a specific target.

Before you go to handle one of the social media influencers, consider these three things:

How large is your company?

How much money do you have?

What particular industry are you aiming for?

Food, clothing, cosmetics, lifestyle, and businesspeople

What is your marketing strategy: Increasing brand recognition or user acquisition?

Most tiny but incisive efforts are what generate user acquisition and conversions. The goal here is not a seductive star yelling from a billboard. This is more about attracting the appropriate audience to your brand via micro-influencers that have strong sway within their specialised community, commonly referred to as word-of-mouth advertising. These undoubtedly provide you stats but may not necessarily give your business an image.

Brand recognition may help shape the market perception of your company. Campaigns to raise brand awareness often target a network of prominent influencers, celebrities, and bloggers. They are great in the long run for giving your company a name and a certain reputation in the market, but there is still debate about whether they work to deliver you the desired conversions.


Actors, musicians, sportsmen, and social media personalities with 500k+ followers can increase post interaction by 2 to 5 percent. They have the widest audience on the influencer spectrum, and their fame fuels their impact (they tend to be brands in their own right). When it comes to encouraging acts on behalf of a brand, they have the lowest overall resonance. Athletes, actors, artists, top models, and other celebrities who make their money differently might monetise their impact as a side hustle. (Examples include Shah Rukh Khan, Virat Kohli, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, and Amitabh Bachchan)


Professional bloggers and YouTubers with significant followings—between 100,000 and 500,000—generate 5–20{e6c2bf870104405bd584357cfb6def4ead2b3386ae6df8048939edcc450bfe94} interaction every post. They are the most current on the spectrum and impact specific categories, such as lifestyle, fashion, or business. They make a livelihood as influencers (e.g. professional bloggers, creators, or journalist). (Take, for instance, Saffron Trail, Archana Doshi, Amit Agarwal, and Amit Bhawani)

Influencers: Micro and Nano

Those with a few hundred thousand or less followers are considered micro-influencers. However, they are very active fan groups focusing on a narrow speciality. Because of this, they have a higher chance of inspiring their followers to do the required action. They can influence their audience toward a certain company without being excessively commercial.

Many are willing to accept various payment types, such as giveaways and shootouts. If you lack the resources for an influencer marketing campaign, micro-influencers are a terrific alternative.

A small but very active social media following is another trait of nano-influencers. For small companies, they are useful since they often have a few thousand followers.

Being ardent supporters of a certain company or product makes nano influencers special. They’re probably going to talk openly about this on their social media pages. The ideal reward might entice people to support your company with their steadfast loyalty. As opposed to a brand endorsement, their followers are more likely to see it as an honest recommendation.

Getting In Touch With An Influencer Either Directly Or Via A Marketing Agency For Influencers

You could ask what many methods for working with top influencers in India to carry out influencer marketing? There are two choices available to businesses: they may manually contact influencers or use an influencer marketing firm.

On the surface, it would make sense to get in touch with influencers directly, given the process’s claimed cheap cost and simplicity. Conducting influencer marketing and interfacing may be a genuine difficulty, given the enormous number of influencers in India, each of whom specialises in a certain area of interest. One should study the many aspects of influencer marketing from the numerous papers and ebooks accessible online to carry out an efficient influencer marketing campaign.

On the other hand, an influencer marketing firm would be very beneficial in choosing the best influencer for your marketing campaign, negotiating costs, and evaluating outcomes.

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