How Many Mouths Do We Have In All?

How Many Mouths Do We Have In All?

The structure of the gorgeous mouth is made up of the upper lip, which is a little thinner than the lip below. The proportions for the centre of the angel wing horn chestnut shaped lip appear full than the edges. The upper part that is the top of the lip, in its shape like an M-shape, looks equally stunning. How would you like the lower lip and the edges of the mouth to be, regardless of the type of woman you’re seeking? It is best to be referred to and teased by the gorgeous lips mentioned earlier.

If we have the perfect proportion of our mouths, In this next phase, we have to pick the design we like and the amount we would like to spend. The doctor will assist you in determining it following the shape of your face. You will select the style first, and the rest is given to the doctor’s discretion. Doctors will sketch the design of the mouthpiece to show the patient.

There are some structures we discus,

·      Thin Mouth

They are simply trying to thin your lips for those who don’t want a trace of angel wing horn chestnut shaped lip (ปาก ปีก นางฟ้า, which is the term in Thai). It is suggested to create a thinner upper lip than the lip below. Then, alter the dimensions of the lips so that they are soft, filled with water, and look healthy.

·      Sexy Lip Fashion

An excellent choice for sweet people who don’t want the most obvious shape and want to change their face to have a pretty, precise bird’s-wing shape, Korean style, but you are not a fan of sharp chestnuts. The chestnut on the left is smooth, the mouth’s edges aren’t overly puffy, the lips look stunning, and the form is not rigid. A sweet smile, even without smiling.

·      Sassy Lip Fashion

Sour, sensual, and sexy, you must have this look. Then the tip of the chestnut has a slight point. The angel wing horn chestnut shaped lip has sharp, sweet lips. Accept the edges of the mouth that are slightly elevated. Smile at the mouth; unique, beautiful and sexually attractive.

·      Manly Lip Fashion

Excellent line, change the elegant style. Chestnut does not have to be crystal clear. Make sure you have healthy, smooth lips. The lips have a curvature on each side and take note of the slightly raised corners of the mouth. The main thing a man should consider is that the top edge on the top lip needs to appear beautiful.