What is taurine used to treat? 

What is taurine used to treat? 

Most of the time we hear of taurine in advertisements or promotion of energy drinks. It is often associated with a boost of energy but do you know that taurine is much more than just that and thirst quencher isotonic and energy drinks? It is a substance that is used by our body to maintain many functions such as the brain, eye and the heart. Like vitamins and minerals, lacking taurine may trigger some diseases. Taurine is important for all stages of life and the fact that taurine exists abundantly in mother’s breast milk, shows how important it functions in early stages of life. Infant’s milk powder is often fortified with taurine to mimic the good effect from breast milk.

       Taurine is an amino acid that is abundant in our body, existing freely in cells, especially the eye, brain and muscle. Although it is usually called “conditionally essential” since it is not the most important substance producing protein, the vast amount of it in almost all cells in the body shows significance in good body functions. Like any other supporting substance such as vitamins and minerals, low levels of taurine will cause impairment of the body system. So, what does taurine is used to treat?


Nowadays, stroke cases are on the rise due to bad lifestyle and environmental stress. It is considered a debilitating disability to the patients. During a stroke episode, a substance in the brain called glutamate is triggered and can cause damages and death of the brain cell. Taurine functions as a neuroprotectant to protect the brain cell from further damage of stroke. Supplementation of continuous taurine also helps reduce the risk of stroke.

2-Neurodegenerative diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases are defined as any brain disorder that is caused by ageing. Such diseases are Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Both of these diseases cause impairment of brain cognitive function which will affect a person’s daily life as it robs a person’s way of thinking and to react normally. Taurine treatment can help improve the brain’s cognitive function. This treatment also helps Parkinson’s diseases’ patients in reducing the severity of motor symptoms such as the involuntary shaking and rigid movement of the limb.


Epilepsy is associated with abnormal electrical brain activity. It can cause great danger for the person experiencing it as it may cause breathing difficulty, injury due to fall or hitting with objects around them or even death. Taurine helps by suppressing the burst of electrical brain activity.

4-Degenerative retina

Retina is a layer of cells that plays an important role for our eyesight. Degenerative retina is damaged by a photoreceptor (cell that responds to light) which affects the vision. In some cases, blindness may occur. Example of a degenerative retina is retinitis pigmentosa. Boost of taurine may prevent the degenerative retina.

5-Congestive heart failure

Heart failure is no new phenomenon in our society. It can be life threatening if left untreated. Treatment with taurine helps modulate the blood vessel and the heart to clear up the excess fluid around the heart by pumping out through urine.


High blood pressure can be a great risk for stroke and other heart diseases. Hypertension is caused by the abnormal function of the heart and blood vessels. Taurine helps to reduce the blood pressure by improving blood vessel function and kidney to regulate blood pressure.

7-Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes is caused by the impairment of insulin to react with glucose or sugar in the body, causing high blood sugar level. Complications of diabetes such as heart diseases and nerve impairment can be prevented when blood sugar level is well controlled. Aside from diabetes medication, taurine aids in lowering blood sugar level by increasing insulin functionality.