What Is Mesotherapy?

What Is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy uses injections to tighten and regenerate skin and eliminate extra fat.

The approach was developed in 1952 by Michel Pistor, a physician from France. It was first intended to relieve discomfort. Since then, it has gained popularity in the US and other nations.

Currently, Mesotherapy Is Applied To

  • Minimize cellulite and smooth out wrinkles by removing fat from the stomach, buttocks, thighs, arms, hips, legs, and face.
  • Cinch up slack skin

What Is The Price?

The price of mesotherapy (เม โส หน้า ใส, which is the term in Thai) depends on the kind of therapy you receive and how many sessions you need. A single session typically costs between $250 and $600. Insurance companies usually don’t cover the cost of mesotherapy because it is purely cosmetic and not medically required.

How Do You Get Ready?

Beforehand, you’ll visit with the doctor to discuss what to anticipate. Aspirin and other NSAIDs may be avoided for a week before surgery. If you use these medications while having mesotherapy, you face an increased risk of bleeding and bruising.

What Happens During Your Appointment?

Each session may or may not include the application of numbing medicine to your skin. You will receive several injections with a unique, brief needle. A motorized gun can be linked to the hand to provide several injections.

The injections can be given anywhere between 1 and 4 millimeters below the surface of your skin, depending on the condition you’re seeking to cure. Your doctor may quickly flip your wrist during an injection or put the needle at an angle. With each shot, only a tiny amount of fluid may be injected into your skin.

You’ll likely need several mesotherapy treatments to get the desired result. Between 3 and 15 visits to the doctor should be anticipated. You will initially receive an injection every seven to ten days.

How Well Does The Process Work?

Because mesotherapy employs so many unique components and techniques, it is difficult to say whether the treatment is effective. There has yet to be much research to test the method. And a large number of the studies that were conducted were small.

The mesotherapy research that has been done so far has uncovered a few advantages for skin renewal. In a 2012 research, six participants received the therapy for six months, but there was no discernible change in wrinkles. Furthermore, no decrease in thigh size was discovered in a 2008 research of 20 women who received mesotherapy for body contouring.