Important tips to get fit using ems

Important tips to get fit using ems

EMS devices such as AB stimulators are magical tools that not only help you build muscles like your favorite superhero character but also speed up your recovery from injury, pain and suffering,  relaxes your muscles and burn your fat. These devices are also alternatively known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or simply electromyostimulation. They can deliver desired results and comfort in your own home. Follow these quick tips to get the best results:

  • In a week, you must train a specific group of muscles at least 3 times. When a muscle group is trained once every week, you must detrain between training sessions. Three times is ideal but twice every week is also fine.
  • You must wait for a minimum of 48 hours between 2 training sessions. It is necessary to train 3 times a week. This can leave 48 hours gap between 2 of the training sessions. You will also get 72 hours before the rest of the training session. The most important thing you must remember is although you have to do no work, the ems device exerts a training pressure on your body muscles. This process could fatigue your muscles, so recovery is highly recommended.
  • It will be extremely beneficial for you if you stimulate your muscle groups. Your target muscle groups that you wish to work on for your desired activity or simply the “prime movers” should be treated with care and utmost priority in order to derive desirable outputs.

Three useful methods to use ems in your fitness program:

Sincere workout regime plus ems therapy: You can certainly use the ems device prior to and post-workout in order to get great results. The device can be utilized for both warming-up and cooling-down processes in an entire working-out session. The ems therapy directly targets the muscle fibers and makes your workout results more desirably meaningful.

Use of isometrics along with the ems device: Using both the devices in a combined manner effectively increase lactic acid inside the body, which accumulates in the muscles, and since this could be very painful and uncomfortable, both devices combined enhances your tolerance power during intense workout sessions and prolonged competition hours.

Proper rest and ems treatment: Even in your sedentary positions during your leisure time, instead of heavy workouts you can burn your fat and keep your muscle active.


It is important to understand the significance of using an ems device. It helps warm up your body by increasing blood circulation and optimizing your energy levels. It gives you ample strength and power of resistance. This treatment is effective for heart disease patients and even clears blood clots. Delivering energy both aerobically and anaerobically, ems devices such as AB stimulators keep you fit and help you burn your fat. Many gymnasts, bodybuilders, and athletes use ems devices to optimize their performance. Training muscles to derive fruitful results is the ultimate goal of an ems device. These devices help regenerate nerve and damaged body cells and help in massaging certain body parts to induce endorphin production. Aged people with osteoarthritis, body sores, muscle aches, and stiffness have obtained satisfactory results by going through an ems treatment therapy. Women with abdominal obesity have obtained brilliant results. A high frequency flows through abdominal muscles and this therapy may be advantageous for weight loss in women. Often critical ovarian diseases caused due to obesity in women can be cured using ems therapy. The ems devices are affordable and have no harmful side effects. Overall, an ems device has made our hectic lives easier and healthier.