How To Prepare For English Competitive Exams Without Extra Tuitions

How To Prepare For English Competitive Exams Without Extra Tuitions

Competitive exams are part of the competitive world. In order to get a good school, college, and job, writing and scoring good grades in English are mandatory. English is a universal language, and learning it is a bonus for every literate and illiterate. Learning English can be easy if you know the basics. But learning English from the start and knowing each and every bit of it can be hard. Most people go to tuition and attend online classes to learn English. Some schools like test Triamudom School try to teach students English from small grades in order to inculcate better English speaking and writing skills. This blog is for you if you’re a new learner and want to learn English without spending too much on extra classes and tuition.

·       Listen To Speakers

We can write and speak only when we listen. Listening can help in capturing words and phrases. While listening to audio or videos, start making notes of complex phrases and sentences. Take time, read your notes and find meaning for each point. Understanding and memorizing each point can be easy when you spend time and concentrate on your notes. First, listen to videos with plain language and then slowly start listening to videos with complex words. The best schools, including test triamudom school (สอบ เตรียม อุดม, which is the term in Thai), involve listening classes in their daily curriculum to help students understand English in a better way. Even English songs are a fun way to leverage English skills.

·       Talking Exercise

Talking helps in learning pronunciation. A good English learner’s fluency can be increased only when they know how and what to talk about according to the situation. English has grammar, vocabulary, and rules. Learners need to know grammar usage in various situations. Present, present, and future tenses should be precise when talking to others. Learners can find online talking exercises and improve their skills. These exercises can be paid or free, but it’s better to choose free options and upgrade to higher levels.

·       Writing Skills

Writing improves and leverages English skills. For any competitive exam, writing is essential as it involves punctuation and grammar rules. Once learners can speak and write better English, they are all set to practice it in the real world. The test Triamudom School and other schools allow students to attend several writing tests to improve language.

This is how you can learn English without extra tuition and classes.