Choosing An Oriental Rug For Your Interior? Here’s What To Know

Choosing An Oriental Rug For Your Interior? Here’s What To Know

Simply put, an oriental rug is any carpet type hand-knotted in Asia. These rugs are known for their superb craftsmanship, ornate designs, and their value increases as they age. Oriental rugs usually come from Turkey, China, Tibet, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, and India. They are generally made from wool, but sometimes bamboo and silk are used as well. The designs and symbols in oriental rugs represent the culture in which they are made. These include animal, landscapes, floral and geometric patterns.

So, this is a bit about an oriental rug. Now the question is, what makes these rugs so special? And what are their uses than decorative purposes? By the end of this guide, you’ll get all these answers. So, let’s start reading;

  1. Beautifully Divide A Room

Even though dividers can be used to divide a large room, they don’t do their job perfectly. Instead, putting an oriental rug can beautifully divide your space and help you achieve the desired look. So, we can say that these rugs can act as boundaries for each space.

  1. Provide Exceptional Warmth

Walking barefoot on hardwood floors is very difficult, especially in the winter. Covering these floors with an oriental rug can keep your room insulated and keep your feet warm. Woolen or silk Oriental rug is one of the best options to provide exceptional warmth against chills.

  1. Add Colorful Art To Blank Walls

Do you have blank walls in your home? Then why not consider using oriental rugs as wall hangings? Believe us; this could be a wonderful addition to your interior to enhance its overall aesthetics.

  1. Fill Up An Empty Space

Even though furniture can fill large empty spaces, placing a beautiful rug is important too to make them look more inviting and pleasing. You cannot complete your room’s look without an oriental rug.

  1. Resilient

As we’ve stated above, oriental rugs are mostly hand-knotted from wool; this means they are incredibly durable and resilient. The more knots per square inch, the more durable the rug is. These rugs are woven by hand using a loom with wefts, warps, and piles. You can enjoy an oriental rug for years with proper care and maintenance.

  1. Environmentally Sustainable

The best thing about oriental rugs is they are made from biodegradable and natural materials with no chemical derivatives. Therefore, they are ideal eco-décor for those who want environmentally sustainable decorative accessories in their homes.

  1. Easy To Maintain

Oriental rugs are very easy to clean. A gentle vacuuming, a quick shake, or a light brushing with a broom is all you need to do. Rugs that are kept in places with higher foot traffic may require regular cleaning.

Oriental rugs, without any doubt, are important investment pieces that can make your room’s appearance. They are filled with history, warmth, and color; each is made with great devotion. Using an Oriental rug as a wall hanging or a floor covering will surely add sophistication and warmth to your space!