What Is Vehicle Registration Book? And How Is It Essential?

What Is Vehicle Registration Book? And How Is It Essential?

Car companies sell more than 100 models every day worldwide with identical specifications, colours and shapes. Sometimes standing in the parking, you may need clarification about which car is yours because similar vehicles are also there in the same place. Therefore, registering your car is essential when buying it so that no one can claim it. As a new car owner wondering how to do it? Read the page to learn more about the vehicle registration book.

What Is Vehicle Registration Book?

There are two types of vehicle registration books- Car Registration and Motorcycle Registration. It is a vital document that a vehicle owners should carry with them. In this document, one can get all the details of the vehicle. Here you will get information like chassis number, engine, car colour, tax and many more. Moreover, car registration can prevent the vehicle from being theft.

Further, if you want to buy second-hand cars, as a customer, it becomes easy to get the car’s history like trading, colour change, registration, accident or stolen. So if the car registration book lost (เล่มทะเบียนรถหาย, which is the term in Thai), what should you do?

If The Car Registration Book Is Lost – Steps To Follow

It is pervasive for car owners to lose the vehicle registration book, so it’s okay. You just need to follow some steps, and you can get a duplicate car registration book. First and foremost, you should have a photocopy of your car registration book.

  • Visit your nearest police station to inform the office and request a new registration book at the Department of Land Transport.
  • You should apply to the Department of Land Transport, where you registered your car. One should attract documents like identity cards, police complaint reports, and photocopies of the registration book.
  • The officer will analyse the documents and fill out a form for the new car registration book.
  • They will change the fee after you submit all the necessary documents and wait an hour to get a new vehicle registration book. This book will have a stamp to symbolise, generating a new book against the old one.

Finale Takeaway

 Therefore, if the car registration book lost, don’t worry; just follow these easy steps to get a new one. The waiting period to get a new book can be a full day, and they charge a nominal fee.