What Do You Need To Know About The Rolex Air King?

What Do You Need To Know About The Rolex Air King?

The Rolex air king is undoubtedly a fascinating watch. The sports watch features a steel body, but it is not likely to sell for several numerical have on the pre and market over retail. But you must know that this watch has a long history behind it and is not as prominent as compared to its apparent siblings. So for your buck, you can get a lot of bangs.

A Brief History Of The Rolex Air King

In the 1930s, Rolex generally has a long history of running along with aviation. It was known as the golden aviation era. The courageous people reach the skies to navigate a path toward the planet. The reliable chronometer element was quite critical for their success. Nothing surprising to know that the Rolex air king also features a fascinating back history. It all started with the air series of aviation. In 1945 a unique collection of the watch was launched by the founder of the company Wilsdorf.

At the same time, the Rolex date just also made its debut. The pilots from the British RAF would value the chronometer that is offered. These pilots bought these watches out of their pockets to upgrade from typical models to something great. Rolex built the air king when the war ended, and it was the Hartley tribute to some pilots who fought the Britain battle. 34 mm case and a seamless dial were indeed prominent with pilots.

Things To Know About The Rolex Air King Model No 116900

Rolex decided to seize the production in 2014 for the Rolex air king. Oyster perpetual took its place as the entry-level sports watch featuring steel. The reasons for these decisions are still unknown. It is mainly because the sales were not up to the mark, or at the same time, Rolex had been assuming cannibalizing returns from the oyster perpetual. But in the exile event, Rolex air king was again back in the market.

Unfortunately, another model also entered the same year and was quite hyped. This watch was way different from other watches on the market. 40 mm modern steel watch ensured water resistance up to at least 100 meters. After it’s come back, people noticed the unique dial that raised eyebrows. The contemporary styling is quite busier too. If you love Rolex watches, especially the sports collection, you must go for the British air king.