Ways to fix uneven eyes with surgical and non-surgical solutions

Ways to fix uneven eyes with surgical and non-surgical solutions

The most attractive part of a human being is in their eyes. Eyes can communicate a lot even without speaking much. Everyone is very protective and sensitive when it comes to eyes. Special care is taken to keep the eyes healthy and fit so that it doesn’t have issues when you grow old.

People usually face the issue of both of their eyes being uneven at times. Uneven eyes are a common phenomenon with everyone after a certain age. Both eyes tend to be of different sizes with age and time. It is observed in some cases where the individual’s eye layers are uneven. One side of the eye is larger than the other, resulting in an irregular shape of the brows.

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The Different Reasons For The Occurrence Of Uneven Eye Size?

 Congenital weak eye muscles, disproportionate faces, and asymmetric eyebrows, including a variable eye socket structure, primarily cause uneven eyes. Even with increasing time and age, a person’s eyes tend to change size.

You would usually notice that the eyelid of an older person starts sagging due to excess accumulation of fats on their eyelids, leading to uneven eye shape. Some people get eyelid surgery done for the upliftment of their eyes and to reduce the thickness of the eyes. In such cases as well, there are chances of it being uneven. Even any kind of accident occurred with the eye can lead to unevenness.

Surgical Solutions For Uneven Eyes

The surgical options are the ones that cost you a lot but give fabulous results in return. A few methods include

  • Double eyelid surgery is a technique where the excess eyelids are decorated with micro-laser, and design the eye layers make it looks natural.
  • Eye muscle correction surgery is basically double eyelid surgery with eyelid pulling to make it look appropriate.
  • Correcting the deep socket and the higher eye layer by filling the eye fat is a double eyelid surgery with fat filling in the higher eyelids with deep eye socket correction. They bring the adipose tissue around the abdomen to arrange to the eye socket area and solve the issue of deep sockets.

Non-Surgical Solutions For Uneven Eyes

Use injections to adjust the shape of the eye layer and the eyebrows to make the eyes look even in size. There are various other non-surgical processes with which a person can normalize the size of their eyes.