Top 9 Batsmen In Test Cricket History: Stars All Around The World

Top 9 Batsmen In Test Cricket History: Stars All Around The World

It’s one thing for batsmen to rack up runs in their backyard, but it’s a whole different ballgame when they have to do it in a situation they’re not used to.

When bowlers are at home, they have an advantage because they know the conditions better, the pitches are more likely to be in their favor, and the crowd will be cheering for them.

According to test cricket quiz, in the history of test cricket, however, some batters have done well and scored a lot of runs when batting on the other team’s field.

  • Len Hutton (England)

35 away games were played, 3041 runs were scored, the average was 55.29, and the best score was 205

He is one of England’s most reliable openers in the history of cricket.

After World War II, he did well on the road and had a knack for making hard pitches look easy when he was at the plate.

Since England’s main tour stop during Hutton’s playing career was Australia, people there were used to seeing him at the batting crease.

As a steadying force for English cricket on any field, he was very important during a time of change.

  • Martin Crowe (New Zealand)

There were 45 games played away from home, with a total of 3043 runs. On average, each game had 42.26 runs, and the highest score was 188.

Next up is New Zealand legend Martin Crowe, who led the Black Caps’ batting for a long time.

He did well on any surface, even though most of them were different from the ones in his home country.

When Crowe was at the top of the batting order in the Asian subcontinent, he often had to face aggressive seam bowlers and then, later on, spin bowlers.

Despite this, he loved challenges and always came through for his country.

  • Carl Hooper (West Indies)

55 away games were played, 3053 runs were scored, 34.69 was average, and 149 was the best score.

Carl Hooper, a West Indian who is a good classical batsman, is better than Crowe.

When he was captain, he was able to turn a losing team into a winning one. This shows how good he was.

Hooper played with a lot of talented people, so it’s possible that their accomplishments were bigger than his.

But the West Indian captain kept up a high level even though his team’s international ranking went down.

  • Herschelle Gibbs (South Africa)

In the top away matches, out of the 43 played, 211 runs were scored.

Herschelle Gibbs, who is from South Africa, is ranked next because he has done well away from his home country.

He has a batting average of over 40 and a high score of 211 not out, which he got in 1999 against New Zealand in Christchurch.

Gibbs was an opener who liked to face the bowlers head-on. When he was at his best, he showed that he could beat the best of them.

He liked being put to the test, and his many fights with the Australians showed how much he enjoyed these big moments.

  • Justin Langer (Australia)

47 away games, 3,130 runs, an average of 41.73 runs per hit, and 166 as the highest score.

Next up is the legendary opener Justin Langer, who was a mainstay of Australia’s winning teams in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

During his 14-year career, he didn’t lose a single game.

When his team won the Ashes series, the tough left-hander was just as excited as many of his teammates to get to play in England.

But he also didn’t have much trouble with the slow wickets that are typical in Asia.

  • AB de Villiers (South Africa)

He scored 3,131 runs in 39 away games, with an average of 53.06 runs per game and a career-high of 217 runs.

He was an important part of the Proteas team.

The South African has adjusted to every situation he has been in, even the trend of wickets getting flatter and slower around the world.

Even though he has been asked to keep wicket a lot on the field, it hasn’t changed his batting stats at all.

De Villiers still has a few years left in his international career, so he should keep moving up in the rankings.

  • Dilip Vengsarkar (India)

3143 runs, an average of 32.73, a best score of 157, and 62 games played away from home.

Indian cricketer Dilip Vengsarkar with 3,143 runs scored in 62 away games.

From 1976 to 1992, he had a lot of success, and people still look up to him in his own country.

Around that time, India became known as a strong cricket nation, and its national team started to put together some great players for the international stage.

When it came to hitting, Vengsarkar was the best player on the team and everyone else tried to be like him.

  • Rohan Kanhai (West Indies)

Statistics: 39 games played away from home, 3164 runs scored, an average of 46.51 runs per hit, and a high score of 256 runs.

Rohan Kanhai has been a great performer on the international stage, just like so many other great West Indians before him.

Outside of his own country, the right-hander was always very good, and he was a big part of how his team got ready to become the dominant force they would become.

He scored 256 runs against India on the dustbowl wicket in Kolkata. This showed that he could adapt to any surface.

  • Matthew Hayden (Australia)

With a high score of 203 runs and an average of 41.69 run per at-bat in 44 away games,

Matthew Hayden, an Australian opener who never gives up, has been added to the list.

Bowlers who played against Hayden were afraid of him because he was so good in every situation.

During the Ashes, he loved nothing more than to mess up English bowlers in their own country, but he also did well in the fields of Asia. Hayden was a tough batsman who helped Australia become the best cricket team at the turn of the century.

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