The Specific Exam Can Allow You To Study Abroad

The Specific Exam Can Allow You To Study Abroad

Everyone wishes to study abroad for a better future. So it is challenging to study overseas as there are many procedures and exams, and you need to pass those then only eligible to study in foreign. So there is an exam for these purposes called TOEFL, which stands for Test of English as a foreign language. It is a kind of entrance exam for studying abroad or in Thailand.

Now there are two types of TOEFL (TOEFL มี กี่ แบบ, which is the term in Thai)


TOEFL Test is a renowned test conducted in 130 countries, and 7500 institutions will help the candidate to learn English skilfully, and based on your performance, they will provide you with a scholarship. It’s not that studying for a few months will help you to crack it, and you need to learn it for a year, at least seriously, to qualify.

So IBT stands for Internet-based test, now, this exam is computerized, and the test is based on the four skills reading, writing, speaking, and listening. So the test is not easy as you have to study seriously and complete it on time, so much study is required before sitting for this exam.

So in this test, the candidate has to:

  1. Read a passage and answer the following question
  2. Then in the listening part, they have to listen to a few lectures and then answer the questions relating to it
  3. In the speaking section, they have to speak fluently and uninterruptedly for a few minutes, and lastly
  4. You must read the passage and answer the questions in the writing part.

The total mark for this exam is 120, and to pass it, they maintain a certain percentage.

About TOEFL ITP, ITP stands for Institutional testing program, and their exam pattern differs slightly from IBT. So they focus on three skills

  • Reading
  • Language structure
  • Listening

So their exams are not computer-based as the test can also be given on paper, so in the reading part, the candidate has to answer after reading the articles. Language structure focuses mainly on grammar; lastly, listening will help you listen to conversations and answer them.

The types of TOEFL discussed above mainly concern sending the eligible candidate for further studies for a better future. Passing the exam will help you get the visas immediately and also apply for any international programs.