Droopy Eye Or Ptosis: Know Its Common Causes And Ultimate Treatment

Droopy Eye Or Ptosis: Know Its Common Causes And Ultimate Treatment

You suddenly noticed droopy eyes. You may want to know if there’s a way to recover. There is nothing to worry about because you can fix it with home or modern medical Treatment for Ptosis (กล้าม เนื้อ ตา อ่อน แรง รักษา, which is the term in Thai).

Sometimes, you can see one or both upper eyelids may droop; this condition is known as ptosis. The sag can be very subtle, or it can be so severe that your pupil gets covered. Ptosis can affect children and adults and can severely restrict normal vision.

Common Causes Of Ptosis

  • The droopy eye has many reasons; some people present at birth.
  • It can occur in adults if they have nerve injury that regulates the muscles of the eyelids.
  • Possible causes include illness or trauma in the neuro, responsible for blinking.
  • Another factor can be your age. With the growing age, your eyelids sag.
  • Sometimes, Eyelids get stretched during surgical procedures like LASIK and cataract removal. Therefore, it can lead to Ptosis due to a tumor in the eye.

Treatment For Ptosis

As technology is expanding, every time we hear a treatment for Ptosis. Some of the most effective solutions for droopy eyelids include:

·       Surgery

You can correct your droopy eye with the help of medical procedures if nothing else works. In this process, your surgeon will work on the eyelid muscle, either adjusting it, strengthing it, or reattaching it entirely. You only need a minor local anesthesia, and you’ll be good to go home after a few hours.

·       Doctor Prescribed Eye Drops

For certain patients with ptosis, some doctor-prescribed eye drops can tighten your eye muscles. These drops are preferable for those with eyelids drooping because of aging or specific cosmetic operations.

·       Botox

Botox injections help treat modest occurrences of ptosis.

·       Special Spec

If you do not want surgery, use special eyeglasses with crutches to lift your upper eyelid. Moreover, you can cover one of your eyes with a patch.

Options For Young

If a child’s ptosis faces vision problems due to Ptosis, surgery is the suggested treatment. They can tighten the levator muscle or link the eyelid to other muscles through eyelid-raising surgery.

Depending on the severity, an ophthalmologist can suggest an eye patch, specialized eyeglasses, or eyedrops.

It is best to visit the ophthalmologist regularly because the issues increase with the children’s age.