Do You Need Lip Surgery? Are You Ready For It?

Do You Need Lip Surgery? Are You Ready For It?

Many women think that cosmetic surgery will make their face look better. In many cases, it does, but it is not bearable for everyone. Lip reduction (แก้ ปาก ห้อย, which is the term in Thai) is the picked up surgery for a better look. The surgery to reduce the mass of your lips comes with many before and after effects.

How Is It Done?

To reduce the breadth of lips, doctors practice the removal of the tissues of either the upper or lower lip. Removing extra fat around the lip includes anesthesia and reshaping of the lip area through surgical removal of fat. The whole surgery involves opening and closing the areas around the lips.

One will also require stitches to cover the area that has lost fat in surgery. The technique to shape the lips is used by doctors accordingly to the surgery. Some might find the part of their lower lip has decreased while it can be different situations for different people.

Are You Ready For The After-Effects?

Every surgery has an after-effect, and they are not joyful. Even if one is unconscious during the surgery, one has to tolerate the consequences. After the lip reduction surgeries, pain, swellings, and redness are experienced by all. Some of the other effects are:

  • Allergies
  • Bleeding
  • Scares
  • Reactions
  • Bruises

Many doctors prescribe medicines for the side effects but only in deadly reactions. One should be aware of the after actions of the surgery before going for them. The after-effects or the reactions take time to heal. The time is not the same for everyone, but one can expect more than a weak for complete healing.

Injections and stitches with the creams and ointments applied during the surgeries are the primary cause of such reactions. Getting the surgery done is a personal choice, but these reactions come from everyone. As lips are a sensitive part of our body, the tissues reflect the surgery with such side effects.


The lips are the most seductive and sensitive part of our body. The market offers products that make them look gorgeous and attractive. But the next level for making a lip attractive is lip reduction. It is a type of surgery that manages the tissues around our lips to make them look thinner.

Before going for any such surgery, one should ask themselves these questions. After complete awareness, one can apply for this surgery.